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Quality, service, and style, all at a fantastic price.

We believe that with the right team, the right price and the right products, your perfect salon
experience should just fall into place — like the perfect cut. We prove it every day.


Fantastic Sams is a convenient, full-service unisex salon that provides an array of services suitable for everyone — comprising of haircuts and trend-right styles, color and waxing, all at affordable prices. We are a family owned business and currently own and operate 10 Fantastic Sams Locations in the Las Vegas area with plans for expansion.


Fantastic Sams is known for affordable haircuts and a full menu of salon services. It’s a great convenience to our customers to be able to get a cut, color and eyebrow waxing all in one visit.


What’s unique about Fantastic Sams is that we cater to everyone — from young professionals looking for an affordable way to maintain a stylish appearance, to teenagers who need a great up-do for prom, to whole families who may have to get four or five heads of hair cut every six weeks or so. Fantastic Sams is the right choice and right option for all.


We hope to see you soon. Have a Fantastic day!

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